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Studio b

Studio b

studio b

late Night Jamming


The Wall Of Sound


API 1608 Console


48 Channel API 1608




Equipment List - 


API 1608 48ch

Manley 16/2 line mixer


Geithain RL901K

Geithain RL906

Yamaha NS10

Lopez Power Amps

Outboard Compressors/limiters

Analogue Tube At-101

Chandler EMI Abbey Road Zener

DW Fearn VT7

AL.SO Dynax 2

Focusrite Red3

Kush Audio Fatso

Cartec THC

Fink CS2-FA (1176) x8

Universal Audio 6176

Outboard EQ 

Vintage Neve 1073 x2 (From Sound City Studios)

Chandler EMI Abbey Road Curve Bender

Manley Massive Passive

Focusrite Red2

Kush Audio Clariphonic

Fink CS2-FA (Pultec EQP1) x8

Universal Audio 6176

Toft Audio ATB16

Outboard Preamps

Vintage Neve 1073 x2 (From Sound City Studios)

Fink CS2-FA x8

Universal Audio 6176

Dacs stereo mic pre


AMEK 9098

Toft Audio ATB16

Outboard Effects

EMT 140 Plate Reverb (stereo BBC conversion)

AKG BX20 Stereo Spring Reverb (From Sound City Studios)

Eventide H3000s 

Eventide H3000b 


Lexicon 480

Fultone TTE tape echo

Hiwatt Custom tape Echo


Brauner VM1s 

Soundelux E47


Telefunken 260

Telefunken TD20 x2

Sehnnizer 421 x2

Sure SM57 x2

Cascade Fat Head 2 x2

Earthworks DP30/C

Earthworks SR30

Electrovoice RE20

AKG D112

AKG C1000

Guitar Amps

3 Monkeys Grease Monkey head & 2x12 cab

Swart Atomic Space Tone combo

DR Z Maz 38 sr head and 2x12 cab

Diago Tone King 4x10 combo

Marshall JCM800 head & 1973 4x12 cab

Mesa Boogie Road King head & 2x12 cab

Hiwatt custom lead prototype head

Carvin x100b head

Orange AD200B bass head

Mark Bass 102HF bass cab

Fender Super 112 red knob combo

Fender Hot Rod Deluxe III

Soldano preamp

ADA MP1 preamp

Marshall 9100 Dual Mono Block power amp

Zevex Nano 1watt valve head/combo

Brentwood combo

Greta combo

Cigarette Packet combo

Guitars & Stringed Things

Dussenberg Outlaw

Fender Telecaster 52 reissue

Fender Stratocaster 57 reissue

Fender Jaguar baritone

Gibson SG

Gibson Firebird

Gibson Thunderbird

Rickenbacker 4003 Bass

Rickenbacker 360 C63 12 string

Ibanez Roadster Power

Ibanez Jem

Ibanez PF100

Kramer Focus 3000

Lowden 032c

Martin D12-28

Suzuki W120 (high strung)

Fender classical

Recording King Cowboy acoustic

Ozark resonator square neck

Ozark F Mandolin

Ozark Soprano Ukelele 

Bontempi Toy Acoustic

Anturia Banjo



Guitar Pedals

Fulltone Full Drive 2

Fulltone Deja Vibe

Keely compressor

Zvex Fuzz Factory

Zvex Box Of Rock

Zvex Super Hard On

Electro Harmonix Micro Synth

Electro Harmonix HOG

Electro Harmonix Metal Muff

MXR Chorus

Jim Dunlop Cry Baby

Mesa Boogie V Twin

Seymor Duncan Twin Tone

Seymor Duncan Rooster

Line 6 DL4

Line 6 MM4

T-Rex Mudhonney

T-Rex Bloody Mary


Maxon ADL999

Pigtronix delay

Jim Dunlop Slash Wah

Radial Headbone

EXAR Multi Wah

Boss RC50 Looper

Boss Line Splitter

Boss Tuner

Boss CS-1


Dale Forty & Co Upright Piano

Fender Rhodes MK1

Moog Voyager XL

Moog Taurus 3

Dave Smith Prophet 8

Dave Smith Tempest

Nord Stage 2 XL

Nord Lead 3

Access Virus-TI

Waldorf Blofeld

Teenage Engineering OP1

Casio VL Tone


Hohner Melodica

Percussion Plus Glockenspiel

Genoqs Octopus

Yamaha QX1


C&C Custom 4 Piece Abalone Drum Set - Black Puau with Awabi Stripes

Drum Workshop snare (with flames on the shell!!!)

Instanbul AGOP OM cymbals

A large & constantly growing collection of things to shake, hit & scrape...

studio rack



To be continued.....


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